Life is an ArTFuL BaLaNCe

LiFe is an ArTFuL BaLaNCe!

She balances precariously upon the edifices she has created that are now the architecture of her life’s journey.  Her HeArT, MiNd, BoDy, SoUL, FRiEnDs, FaMiLy, WoRk and PLaY have become the arteries of her existence.  Without proper care to each one of them, they will shrink and a part of her will shrink with them. While they give HeR life, SHE gives ThEm life.  She must find a way to keep them ALL whole so that she can be OveRFLoWing.

At first, she stumbles as the minutes of the days fall away so quickly that she can barely think of anything more than WoRk….the least of her passions but the one that always seems to take precedence.  She has waves of GrEaT JoY when she decides to PLaY for  the day or to TrEaT her SoUL with a quiet bubble bath or to spend a few precious moments with her FRiEnDs and FaMiLy.   But the tide eventually recedes and the waves go silent. She soon finds herself stumbling again, trying desperately to regain her BaLaNCe.

But she is a smart one. She is a SeEKeR of MaGiC and she travels with her EyEs Wide Open.  So with EvERy stumble and with EvERy Rise she searches out something new about herself and something new about her JoUrNey.  She discovers what is important to her and she finds ways to give every facet of her life the attention it needs.  With each life lesson, she gains poise and self-confidence laced with balance and steadiness. With each act of self-love, she learns to love herself.

She has found her way to walking the journey of her Life with an ArTFuL BaLaNCe!

 I aspire to be her one day.

About Jagged Touch Studio

I am a multimedia/digital artist and owner of Jagged Touch Studio. I specialize in whimsical inspiration and movitvational soulfully functional art. I've been doing artwork since I was a child through the strong encouragement and support of an artist mother. I find inspiration in the details of everyday life. I design my pieces in hopes to inspire thought, emotion, beauty and laughter in your soul. Come see what I do at or on facebook @
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3 Responses to Life is an ArTFuL BaLaNCe

  1. Beth Pollock says:

    Beautiful as always!
    Beth P

  2. chelseajoc says:

    Amazing. Thank you for sharing the balance of your art, passion, love, and life with us. 🙂

  3. marciescudder says:

    I just love this – all of it. From your your ‘visual’ art. So beautiful and inspiring!!! Thank-you for commenting on my blog and leading me to you here!

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