Seekers are Spilling Out

As of late, I have found myself compelled to create what I am titling ‘Seekers’.  My life’s journey seems to have been a continuous treasure hunt, seeking for clues as to how to see the magic, how to be the magic and how to share the magic.  There are messages everywhere!  I don’t always catch them but when I do, it’s like finding a piece of the puzzle to understanding how to be my best self.

These creations I call ‘Seekers’ are my way of reminding myself of some of the messages that I hear along the way and sharing them with others in an artful and soulful way.  I generally like my creations to be functional so they can serve a purpose in a beautiful way.  I find these ‘Seekers’ to be soulfully functional!

Many times I have little to no clue as to where they are going when the pencil hits the paper.  I just start and they spill out. With each stroke they begin to whisper to me.  I then bring in the ink and as I add the dark lines, it’s as if they are coming through a frosted glass window to stand before me.   I could stop at that point, but they are not ready to.  I then scan them in and digitally color them. Now they begin to really dance!

Digital coloring is a process that I am growing in and it intrigues me…sometimes to the point of irresponsibility when it comes to doing the bills and all those other necessary but soulfully UN-fulfilling and sometimes draining tasks.  I have to drag myself kicking and screaming out of the world of magic and creativity back to the dreaded to-do list.

I’m not sure where the ‘Seekers’ are going and honestly, I don’t know where they came from.  But they are what is spilling out of me right now and they bring a part of who I am into this world and for that, I am grateful.

About Jagged Touch Studio

I am a multimedia/digital artist and owner of Jagged Touch Studio. I specialize in whimsical inspiration and movitvational soulfully functional art. I've been doing artwork since I was a child through the strong encouragement and support of an artist mother. I find inspiration in the details of everyday life. I design my pieces in hopes to inspire thought, emotion, beauty and laughter in your soul. Come see what I do at or on facebook @
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