The Artist In Me

Awakening - An 8 ft sculptural dedication to turning 40 yrs old.

As I walk through the world, trying to find my best journey, I am constantly struck by colors and sounds and words that speak to my heart.  When I take a moment from running about in the haze of everyday life and allow myself to experience one of these many treasures around me, I am filled with a sense of “OK, now I get it!”.  My day is changed, if only for a moment before I sink back into the haze.  My next thoughts are  “Thank you for allowing me the ability to feel that moment.” as I know that when the monotony or craziness of every day life sets back in, I may not readily be able to see the magic around me and for those moments that I can, I am grateful.

Art has been a part of my life since I was a child.  My mom, self-titled “Artista Mama”, was an artist and she continually fostered the artist in me…a mama bird feeding her baby bird’s soul.  If I would show an inkling of interest in an art form, she would be sure to supply me with the right tools so that there would be nothing to stop me if I wanted to learn and play. She spent her lifetime teaching me how to see, how to listen, and how to feel the beauty of this world through her own life as she would snap intriguing photos of dried peeling red paint on the local gas station pump, or create a sculpture inspired by a finding in the wall of imperfect drywall plaster that resembled a man standing on his hands, or share with me new methods she had discovered for creating fairy wings.

Those teachings have nurtured me into an artist.  They are whispers in my soul that at times would be very quiet as I allowed my business-as-usual life to consume me.  But those whispers would always find their way to the top, like bubbles in a fish tank, racing for the chance to burst into the world and express themselves.  But as time has passed, the whispers no longer go nicely to their quiet room.  Now they are screaming to me 24/7.

When I’m working in my shop, I feel an immense sense of peace and tranquility… and an incredible sense of belonging.  The frosting on the cake is when I am successful in creating something that connects to someone else, something that inspires or motivates them or brings joy to them, if even for a moment.

It seems to me that the screaming whispers combined with the sense of purpose I feel when my art work connects with another soul is more than just a random happening.  So it is time for me to take what I have inside of me and spill it into the universe and see what it manifests.  It is my hope that one of my creations will become one of those treasures that YOU will pass in your daily life and it will speak to your heart and then you will be filled with the sense of “OK, now I get it!”, if only for a moment.


About Jagged Touch Studio

I am a multimedia/digital artist and owner of Jagged Touch Studio. I specialize in whimsical inspiration and movitvational soulfully functional art. I've been doing artwork since I was a child through the strong encouragement and support of an artist mother. I find inspiration in the details of everyday life. I design my pieces in hopes to inspire thought, emotion, beauty and laughter in your soul. Come see what I do at or on facebook @
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2 Responses to The Artist In Me

  1. Zeke says:

    Rani Primmer’s art, including her WORDS, what wonder! Yes, to look, see, to “taste what is good,” always brings that moment of GRATITUDE. For her ability to open eyes, I thank this artist whenever I encounter her work.

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